Resetting minds whilst sharing commonalities

In an ideal world we already made the filthy rhetoric of several right wing Governments in Europe impossible in not voting for their limited, short sighted, egocentric and dangerous ways of using their abilities to communicate. Simply with not giving them a chance to poison our environment. Simply in not voting them.

As of today again this counts for the Governments of Poland, unreasonably rejecting to participate in fulfilling their duty to take in refugees, that became refugees as of the Western ideology of disguised and ignorant greed.

It counts for the Hungarian Government as well as for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Internal Affairs of Austria, who are trying hard to make our people understand, that we can only prosper, when we act like selfish bastards without empathy and lock us all within our tiny space of Austria. Never even lurking out from our space.

It counts for Israel, as they are trying to explain us right now, how splendid the idea of fencing off areas is, to create more and more hatred, instead of tearing down walls, the initial idea of building Europe.

What about not selling weapons in the first place and trying to make us all believe, this is supposed to be a good thing. Have you ever seen the devastated countries you want to send families back to who need our attention?

We shall not help building up more and more devisions between people. Not in my name. Instead we shall not lose a historical chance to share commonalities between people of different heritage. We all share the same basic values. We all love peace and freedom.