Why I Created a Show About The Taboo Relationships Between Older Women and Younger Men
Thrive Global

Hi Anne Marie, funny that you pick this actually rather “old” but bold and very interesting topic I’m VERY familiar with. I’m much older than you and have been pursued most of my life by younger men, and had long relationships with younger men when I was over 50. Why are young men attracted to me? (other than being a real stunner :-) It’s not the Mom-thing but above all the fierce independence I project. Men love that (although they are also disturbed by it, all men being natural chauvinists.) Of course it also takes pressure off their backs because older women aren’t into clinginess, desperation, children, marriage, security — so one can concentrate on more interesting topics like FUN. I wrote several articles (big ones, for German Magazines) about older women and young men — and got the biggest response ever. One of the pros — some say cons — is the likely “expiration date” in these relationships.

If you want more stories (and tips!) — let me know!