When a Tinder date accidentally results in motherhood
ABC News

I’m puzzled (other than annoyed). “To her surprise?” she was pregnant?? I don’t get it….so you screw a tinder date without protection? Or was there a malfunction of something? If yes, it would have been crucial to mention that. If not, the irresponsibility is mind boggling. In times of fake feminism — which also means misunderstood ideas about “freedom” a la “You go, Girl!” selfishness and narcissism is having a heyday. I feel sorry for the guy. As much as men are definitely machos by nature and should be ignored on many levels, blackmailing them with a child is as questionable as the idea that having a good job is enough for bringing up a child alone. The world doesn’t need MORE children but better MOTHERS who think twice before popping out children for no particular reason other than having a boring life and low self-esteem. “I found strength in myself bla bla….” she quotes. Well, how great. How about strength first — without using a child — and then use the strength to make informed decisions where the priority is the child and not Mom’s “journey” and discovery of her “true self”?