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I wish you wouldn’t have almost destroyed the partly truly great piece about what I call FFF — Fancy Fake Feminism — by calling it “White Feminism”. Although I do get your point, and it’s a valid point, you weaken your whole thesis by giving a universal topic a racist touch. If you think that — in America — women of color are practically the inventor and at the forefront of the more worthy and “correct” fight for feminism, wake up! Genuine Feminism, the one that works (and needs commitment and hard work) is colorblind and ageless and democratic. All the fancy showbiz women who have jumped on the “feminist” bandwagon (that stopped short of creating feminist toiletpaper) because the tiresome Go Girl-routine doesn’t abate, come also in all colors. Trump’s America is a horror-show in progress, and his ditzy daughter the new Barbie-version of yes, in this case, very white feminism. I’m an old REAL feminist (white), which means that I fight for you, and you hopefully for me, with all I’ve got, but you need to show me your true colors, and that are the ones you display in clear (often risky) acts of solidarity and courage, not in idiotic feminist-speak. It’s all rolled in one like with many things: Either you are (a feminist) or you’re not. Period.

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