Know Your Worth

Since my first job at the age of eighteen, I dominated for twelve years in two industries; I outclassed all of my peers. So trust me when I say this, I know exactly how it feels to give your heart and soul for a job, yet still feel a sense of unfulfillment.

This feeling of unfulfillment will mean different things to different people — ask yourself what it means to you? perhaps you feel stagnated, a lack of challenge, motivation or even salary — and don’t be ashamed if it is the latter. The truth is, if you’re giving your all for a job and doing well at it, you’re probably worth at least double to the company. But you probably know this already right?

So if you know that you’re head and shoulders above your peers and deserve a hell of a lot more for it, what is keeping you there? For me, it was a fear of the unknown and not knowing what to do outside of what was familiar. But one day, it hit me and the next day I handed in my notice.

Now I am not saying you should do the same, but what I am saying is — you owe it to yourself to self reflect and self evaluate. Take some time for yourself in solitude and explore your strengths; what are you good at? what makes you unique? how is your approach to tasks more effective than your peers? are you getting back what you deserve for your efforts? It is these questions that will give you the confidence to believe in your own ability and perhaps seek more for yourself.

Self employment is not necessarily the answer. Many of my clients are extremely happy in their jobs, but are determined to go as far as they can in their respective industry. This is what excites me, their hunger to want more!

Unless you are in the top percent of most well paid jobs and industries (CEO’s,/executives, banks/law firms) etc, it is unlikely that the employer will reward your continued delivery of top results. Instead, you will be expected to continue doing well for the same return. If you can relate to this surely you owe it to yourself to seek more for your efforts, whether that be in your current job or perhaps another. Remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get! But you have to come from a place of deserving more, not just wanting more.

The real eye opener for me was the realisation that it is only ourselves who stop ourselves from a life experience outside of the ordinary, the normal, the familiar. If you can begin to grasp that notion, your general outlook on life will begin to change.


Firstly, take a moment and think about how your goals are often referred to as ‘dreams’, which I have a slight problem with. Not because having dreams are wrong, but because labelling them as ‘dreams’ puts a halt on your belief in reaching them. Dreams are associated with thought patterns occurring in our sleep, which then manifest themselves through visions experienced in our sleep — these are dreams. Now because this word association is with something other than reality, it is not effective to use this same association with your goals in the real world.

I label my goals as ‘very realistic possibilities’ — this helps me get into the mindset of “Yes, this is possible, I can do this!”. Now you don’t have to create the same label, use a label that resonates with you, one that you are comfortable with.

Ultimately, you cannot begin making this shift if you are not convinced about your unique ability. Start believing in yourself, your uniqueness, what makes you, you. Know your worth.

Sabir. x