My Amal Story

After my graduation, I wanted to improve my interviewing skills as I knew that without this skill I can’t even think of success.I have been a brilliant student in school and university as well.So,I passed every test which Punjab Public Service Commission conducts to shortlist the candidates for interview. I can’t perform in the interviews because of lack of self-confidence and good communication skills.Since, then I have been looking for a mentor to help me get rid of this fear of interview.

I have been facing a lot of challenges to achieve this.Nobody was willing to help me.I knew that there are some institutions which can help me but I did’t have enough money to pay. I was afraid to talk to people about my weakness.

I just identified three tasks to achieve this goal:

  1. To find an organization/mentor which could help me achieve my goal
  2. To complete tasks assigned to me
  3. To apply the skills which I will learn

One day, while I received an email from career services office in which it was written that Amalacademy can help you to turn your dreams into reality.I applied in the Amalacademy and got selected for the career prep fellowship.I thanked to Allah Almighty for this selection.My first task which I identified was complete now.I attended first two sessions of Amalacademy which helped me to improve my confidence level. Amal taught us four principles of success which are

  1. Amal (Action)
  2. Khudi (Self-learning)
  3. Sabr-e-Jamil (Patience)
  4. Eck Aur Eck Giara Hai ( Unselfish Team work)

I have started applying these principles in my daily life.I think that I am at the right place to improve my skills.I have been teaching these principles to my friends who are hopeless and want to make their life a success.I am very happy that I have started my journey towards success.I will work very hard in this fellowship to gain maximum from this opportunity.