13 Reasons Why You Matter

Well, where do I start?

I was told by them that love is where home is,
And I believe that, there’s no lie about that,

But, you see, I was so tired of looking for home inside people.

You see, I poured my heart out, to her, to him.
To almost everybody I’ve ever opened up to.
And every time I did, I was left with a tag,
A tag that says that I’m an “Open Book”,
“A depressing little shit”.
And then I stopped looking for home inside people.
Because what I came across to was nothing like home.

Until I met you,
And found a shelter. (1)

You know how to keep secrets, (2)
Or maybe you don’t, I’m not entirely sure,
But what I’m sure is that your very presence around me, (3)
Is the antidote to my depression, prayers to my cure.

I’ve moved away far from people, far away,
I’ve seen them evolve, from a sunny day to a dark night,
You’ve showed me that it’s okay to move on,
It’s okay to let it go, it’s okay to move on,
It’s okay, to accept the wrongdoings,
And mend what’s wrong to a right.

You’re positive (4), you are YOU. (5)

Let’s not even talk about your friendliness, (6)
And your sarcasm (7), and that dramatic attitude (8)
Let’s not forget about your childish behavior, (9)
That always cracks a smile on my face, you make me laugh, (10)
Even when the storm is at it’s worst,
Or the day is beautiful and it’s best.
Because I can look at that, and say that I’m home,
And now I can take some rest.

And now and forever, I’ll always say,
That you’ve molded something beautiful out of a clay,
Whenever I bump into you, 
A smile that always stays hidden starts to glow,
Because apparently the world is color blind,
And you’re a rainbow. (11)

And you always make me feel better. (12)
And that with you, I can be me, (13)
You’re the envelope to my letter.

Life is too short, I’m trying to hold it all together,
It’s gone before you know it but this moment can last forever,
Your bond is a titanium chain, unlike others it’s not a feather,
Thanks for picking up the pieces, you-me-us, together.
And these are the 13 reasons of why you should matter.


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