Broken Pieces

I wish things were like before.

Where I’d wake up to a feeling to talk to you again because you’d mean everything to me.

You were not my romantic partner, but still I’d find more bliss in you.

I’d find happiness, I’d find trust.

I’d find the things that I longed for in a person and I promised to myself that whenever I’d find someone like that, I’d hold on tight to them, forever.

I’d find love.

Remember? We were like the two goldfishes in a bowl of water, swimming,

It was us against the whole world.

Remember? We acted like two complete maniacs whenever we were given the chance to fool around, which was all the time,

It was us being us, not wearing masks.

Remember? When we called each other “friend” and it’d actually mean something?

It was us proving to the world that true friendship exists.

But we’re lost.

Lost in a sea of ego, a paradise of selfishness.

We’re lost because we were weak. We were weak because we were stupid.

We thought we’d be something beautiful when we ourselves cultivated garbage within us.

We wanted our angels to take over the wheel for us, but we never knew how to control our devils.

We wanted us, as a whole, just us being us.

And then we broke.

Broke as the weakest twig mankind had ever encountered.

A twig that was so aesthetically beautiful, yet it was weak.

We were a twig, after all. What did we expect?

We were meant to be weak, we were meant to be vulnerable.

That was it. Our tragic “The End”.

End of an chapter that could’ve been a best seller.

End of two lives that could’ve been something beautiful.

End of us. End of you, and me.


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