Dear Friend,

Heyy there, how are you, hope you are doing well!
It’s been a long time, buddy, I really miss your old self,
Don’t be angry now, buddy, I have matters to unfold,
I’m already hopeless now, I need you, my soul is sold.

Remember the first time we met? How long has it been?
We were so young and our souls were so clean,
Innocent, baby face, we were bursting with happiness,
And look at us right now, we are monsters locked up with madness.

Teenage years were amazing, no worries and no responsibilities,
Now out of nowhere, we are adults and we breathe hostilities,
We are more polluted than our ancestors were when they were young,
Seven deadly sins are possessed, we are a living Devil’s tongue.

We finished primary, middle and high school together, yes we did,
We were always there for each other, anytime, whenever we were in need,
We were the best of the best, it was us against the whole world,
Now we barely know each other, look how our fate is curled.

When did it happen, was it me or was it you?
Or was it some mystic fog that went through?
What was it, it makes me sad, mad, and makes me really think about my death,
We have to talk about this now, stop it, stop taking your goddamn meth!

I knew you were hanging around with those people, I warned you not to,
I told you to stop, buddy, you’ve to listen to me, you’ve to come through,
Come through that whatever lifestyle you were living and you chose to,
I warned you, I wanted you to stay safe, but you didn’t listen to that too.

I feel as if it’s my fault, I feel as if I could have stopped you,
From all these nonsense, all these chances that I blew,
It was my fault, my mistake, I didn’t try hard enough,
Would you ever be the same, would you ever call my name, you know that I’m not that tough!

Days and night pass, I try to understand what did I do,
I wish, I wish I had a solution, I wish, I wish I knew,
You were a part of me, still is and always will be,
Will you ever be the same, would you go back to your previous state, that’s my only plea.

I hope you understand what I’m saying, I hope you get it,
I hope you return to your old self, I hope you get it,
I hope for all the good wishes, I hope you get it,
I hope you to get back to your former self, dear friend, I hope you understand it.


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