Doctors in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula

Some patients recover because they believe in doctors

Doctors are usually considered to be god’s gift. Form of angles which god sends on earth to help the mankind. They are needed at any point of time and are also ready to help the patients.

There are various categories of doctors

Surgeons –These doctors are expertise in the doing any kind of surgeries to the patients.

Anesthesiologist –They do the pain management of the surgical patients

Obstetricians- They specialize in women health and everything related with it.

Gynecologist –They focus more tightly on child birth and pregnancy.

Orthodontist –They are specialized dentist who can do even the tooth related surgeries.

Psychiatrist –They diagnose and treat the mental disorders.

Prosthodontist –They are experts in the restoration and repair of damaged and missing teeth .usually they deal with the preserving and repairing a person’s appearance.

Internist, general — They deal with the non surgical treatment of disorders and internal organs.

Podiatrist — They are the doctors who are expertise in treating all sorts of disorders related with the legs, foots, anklets, lower legs .

Dentist (general)- These doctors do the treatment of oral cavity ,teeth and surrounding tissues .

Radiologist –They are specialized in treating the patients by using the medical imaging techniques like X rays and MRI.

Family and general practitioner-these doctors provide all sorts of care to the patients, everything that affects the parts of our body

There have been so many doctors clinic and civil and government hospitals, maternity homes in tricity Chandigarh ,Panchkula an Mohali one can easily approach them for any kind of treatments.


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