A system of management based on the principle that every member of staff must be committed to maintaning high standards of work in every aspect of a operations”

After studying this course i have become to know that we should not focus quality only on a product but also we can apply quality or Total Quality Management in our life TQM applies everywhere in our personal life “quality means doing it right when no one is looking” --Henry ford.

1.Elimination of waste:

Before learning the concept of lean i did not count my daily routines habits i was wasting my time 8-10 hourse in sleeping, wasting my time on social medias did not study well but after studying this concept i have become to know that why i am going to these unnecessary steps which is not giving me any benefits so i decided to apply lean concepts to remove these unnecessary habits i started to sleep early at night and waking up early in the morning and also started to do not use of mobile phone all the day to doing these steps i save 3 to 4 hourse in my daily life which i am applying on necessary steps which are giving me advantages in my life.

2. Concept of 5s

My father have different shops where everything is out of un designed and unsorted materials are not sit in order so i advised to apply 5s concept and i also include to help my father to apply this concept first of all i started to sort the materials in the best way i remove all those items which donot belong in the working area and leave those which that are required for the process and secondly i arranged them in an efficient manner through the use of well designed principle and ensuring that every item has a place and that everything is its place and my father hired a labor who is sweeping the shops and cleaning the dust to comfort the working area and now our shop is organized in a well manner way.


Before studying this concept my daily tasks were out of unorganized i did not plan for anything just doing it without any act which my work was overloaded and i was frustrated what is the problem which is going worst then i started to apply PDCA in my life.


I use to writing a timetable at home with all the weekdays and three different shifts (morning, afternoon, evening) to write the activities that are repetitive every week. This information is quite useful for me for every week activities, and i am going to do it in a long term planning as it helps me organize most of my activities.

At my home my brother is also accessing my timetable which needs to know the main responsibilities each of us have.


I try to follow my schedule very tightly in order not to move all the main activities around. In regards to the extra tasks once I perform them I check them out of the list to have in mind what’s really missing. Every day I review the check list to prioritize the remaining activities based on their urgency and importance.


At the end of the day I ask myself if I needed to move any activities, change due dates, allocate more time or do differently in order to achieve better results next time.


Based on the findings in my Study step I adjust the following schedule, re-assign tasks to someone else, change procedures or redefine priorities. An important thing that I have to keep in mind is to act in a positive manner. Sometimes reviewing results that didn’t meet expectations makes you feel bad about it, but it’s crucial you always take the best out of it and move on. The PDSA is a tool that intrinsically accepts that there will always be things to improve, so you just have to capture the knowledge, nor the frustration.

4. Checklist

I was very irresponsible towards my works if i did something i did not remember how it was done and could not manage my time and all the works were unjustified and everything were out of track it was exhausted and i was like that i am forgetting or missing something. The biggest problem i faced in doing my university activities such as assignments, presentations, quizzes etc i was frustrated which subject should i take first how i manage the time then i decided to make a checklist and do my tasks according to it.

After doing my work schedule according to checklist my work become more easy all my university activities are now on well manner way.

5. Philip crosby 14 steps to quality improvement:

I was like that i am not perfect to anything where is a problem occurred i stopped to do things i did not analyze the problems i feel i am failed i did not set my goals and nor i am going to improve it could not manage anything but after studying the concepts of Philip Crosby to improvements i changed the way of my life i applied his concepts in my life.

  • I considered that i have something which is committed to quality.
  • I find out the qualities in my self to improve them more and more.
  • Where is any problem occurred i intended to solve them with previous steps
  • I communicate to my self what i am what are my goals where should i go.
  • I appreciate my self to encourage more.
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