Are you a teen writer? Or do you know one?

Picture this:

A young teen something sits at one of those old, monstrous desktops. Her blonde, curly hair bounces ever so slightly as she types on the keyboard. She’s been sitting there for at least an hour and a half…

Photograph by Tianna Yentzer.

Dreams are the result of hard work.

It’s really that simple. Talent is helpful, luck is fortunate, but hard work is the key. So many people like to talk about their “secret ingredient” for a passion project.

Nah, fam. It’s just hard work in my book.

I get it.

Life is super chaotic and it’s hard to sit down and commit to writing something.

And, it’s truthfully the biggest thing that stops people from pursuing the dream of writing and publishing. I know for a long time it was my excuse.

And when I say writing…

S.A. Borders-Shoemaker

Lacing together difficult truths with beauty and a little magic. Poet, novelist, mental health advocate, corgi & horse lover, friend.

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