CES 2016: confession of a sheep

My excitement is overshadowed by my embarrassment.

I am typing this from 30,000 feet above this beautiful nation, on my way back home from my annual pilgrimage to Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES. This annual ritual, is the official kick-off for the annual migration of 24,999 of my best friends and me in an industy which we are proud to call: advertising/adtech/martech. From CES in Vegas, to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to upfronts in NYC, to Cannes Lions in … Cannes, to DMEXCO in Cologne, culminating with advertising week in the big apple.

Meetings, conferences, exhibit halls, cocktails, dinners, parties, private concerts, and some gambelling literally 24/7 for 4 days. What could go wrong?

Moral judgement apperently.

Last night I was privelegded to attend a couple of fantastic close-of-CES parties + mini-concerts. We knew that this particlar event was a must-attend for their (corporate name ommitted on purpose) known annual mini-concert. Lights down, smoke building, bass thumping, striking lights, bodies sweating, a dance floor full of anticipation, liquor flowing, and …. Chris Brown takes stage.

Chris Brown, Thursday 1/7/16, Las Vegas
Chris Brown, 1/7/16, Las Vegas

We all go wild, temporarly pausing our dignitarty roles of CEO’s CMO’s, CCO’s, brand managers, managing directors, planners, engineers, researchers, media buyers… poof, gone — we are all teenagers again. Dancing, jumping, filming, shouting, smiling, singing, yelling. Ah, what a feeling. Yes! Once again the host of the party did not fail us! Thank you! Or did they…

This morning in LAS airport, I received the following SMS from one of my friends who also attended the concert:

My mind was racing. Oh F*%$! What did I miss?

Naturally my memory banks recall the news stories. But just to wake this sheep up, Ilooked at the “treatment” Chris gave to his girlfriend Rihanna.

To answer my friend loud and clear: you are 100% correct. Corporations should NOT pay money to support unrepentant rageaholic women abusers. AND I and my friends and collegues should NOT be dancing, cheering and celebrating a raging women abuser. PERIOD.

Truth in advertising anyone?

To my wife, mother, cousins, aunts, female friends, female collegues and M (you know who you are): I am sorry. This will NOT happen again.

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