How I met with React Native

Sabrican Ozan
Nov 15, 2016 · 2 min read

So ReactiveConf has took place in Bratislava at the end of October and it was great all the talks were super interesting and inspiring. In these talks one of them really got my interest which was Brent Vatne’s talk about mainly Exponent and all those features of it that makes React Native so easy to start with. So I was already interested enough and at the end of the talk he said he will give away tickets to the app that he finds the best. The conference that I checked one week ago and happens in the city that I’ve done Erasmus in 😍. So I was in.

Since the deadline was 1 week and I had no experience whatsoever in React Native, I’ve decided to have a simple app about myself with few screens of explaining who I am, what I do and so on.

The very first day I’ve downloaded Exponent after 1.5 hours of downloading all the dependencies(Xcode & Simulators) I was actually writing an app! That was so amazing for me as a former iOS developer that I kinda couldn’t do anything for a while cause I wasn’t thinking this would happen that quick 😅

This page was the result of the first day (no UI judging please 😅)

After this “great success” since I wanted to have few screens in my app I decided to look over how navigation works in React Native. At first I’ve found and implemented few well known one like Navigator and NavigatorIOS. For Navigator I’ve found it a bit complex for handling complex screens which navigates multiple screens. For NavigatorIOS I basically didn’t want to have two different code for Android and iOS. So I’ve decided using NavigatorExperimental with Redux after reading this awesome post.

Spent a bit much time to have navigation in place so visually I was trying to be quick and make the most of it until the deadline. I’ve created multiple screens with using both Exponent’s provided components like MapView and surely React Native ones. I followed Atomic Design methodology while creating screens and components.

At the end I feel starting to this project have gained me a lot more than just a ticket. But of course getting a chance to see this awesome people in the conference is always great :)

You can find the app from this link. And the source code can be found in my repo.

This is my first post ever so please feel free to give me any kinds of feedback😊.

I’ve get a lot of help from my friends thanks to all of you ❤️

Thanks to Candost Dağdeviren.

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