The Untold Truth

My heart aches at the truth in those words, “I will always love you”. Because when it’s raining and I’m sitting on the porch, I think about our conversations we would have late at night. When I see a little girl playing with her father, I think about the laughs we shared. But most importantly my heart aches when I remember the times where I could trust you knowing the words that came out of your mouth had meaning instead of emptiness. The days when I didn’t second guess each and every word you spoke to me. The days when I could have a conversation with you without hating myself at the thought of enjoying talking to you, my father.

I miss the times when everything wasn’t this complicated. When I could love you and you could love me and no one was hurt by that. But those days have passed and that ship has sailed. Which leaves us here today. Standing oceans apart with walls between us as you no longer hold the title you once had.

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