Taklimakan Investment World Familiarity Design

Sabrina Aya
Aug 18 · 4 min read

The world of cryptocurrency is listed as one type of investment that has a broad range of knowledge. Not only can it be connected by fellow cryptocurrency worlds, but it can also be connected with the conventional economic world in general. This happens because all users still use the official currency of their country of residence. Although the use of digital currencies has become much more global, but in fact not all transactions can be paid using this digital currency or cryptocurrency. Take for example the disadvantaged areas that currently do not fully use advanced technology.

Sometimes the relationship between the world of cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency can make users and even ordinary people confused. Currently, if we search through the internet, this method may not be able to answer all questions and curiosity about the world of Blockchain. Therefore, now Taklimakan is present, as a Blockchain technology platform that can provide knowledge services about the basics of the Blockchain world and investments made thereafter.

At first glance, if we look at the design and appearance of Taklimakan it has similarities with the design of social media in general. However, the Taklimakan operating system, is not like social media in general. This design is intentionally designed to spoil the user’s eyes so they don’t get bored easily in the access process. Currently Taklimakan is listed as one type of cryptocurrency investment that has a concentration in the world of education around the Blockchain system and its relation to conventional economics. This type of investment will be very useful for blockchain technology activists, both experienced and beginners.

Here the user can choose what Blockchain knowledge categories are needed. All writing and content created must be written by someone who already has experience and expertise in each type of Blockchain investment. Even not only reading, users can also ask personally and intensively to the writers or mentors. This service can be enjoyed by users free of charge or charged. Where this depends on the agreement of the user and mentor.

Taklimkan designs are arranged in an authentic, systematic and educative way. Where when looking at the profile of a mentor the user can see an overview of the expertise of the mentor he will choose. Each mentor must have different expertise. There are mentors who have expertise in teaching the basics of the Blockchain world, cryptocurrency exchanges, payment transactions, Blockchain security systems, the links between the Blockchain world and conventional economics, etc.

From the explanation above we can see that Taklimakan is a place where experts gather or Blockchain mentors are given the choice by Taklimakan to provide their services free or not to the users. Therefore, until now, Taklimakan will always try to fulfill the needs of mentors and users.

Taklimakan also greatly provides the flexibility of mentors. This flexibility is proven by freeing mentors to create knowledge content. In the meaning of the word, the content that will be offered to users can be presented in any form. For example in the form of writing, video, presentations, graphics, proposals, and platforms, etc. In order not to lose track of the mentors, Taklimakan also provides follow or subscribe to the mentors’ accounts. Did you know that this is deliberately done to bring a sense of familiarity and friendship between users and mentors.

We often see that the world of social media can bring together and approach two or more people who have never met face to face. Therefore even though the concept of Taklimkan itself is education. Not that this platform is a rigid platform. The words “mentor” and “user” are just designations, but when communicating with mentors, users can think of them like old friends they just met.

By presenting an atmosphere of intimacy, automatically the knowledge shared will be easily absorbed and conveyed its meaning. If this happens it is not impossible that a mutually beneficial business agreement will occur. Actually, as the main management platform, Taklimakan believes that the prepaid services provided by the mentor are not merely material interests. But also as a form of appreciation and appreciation from users for what has been taught by mentors.

In addition, the mentors can also see the extent of his ability to teach knowledge that has been shared previously. Because currently Taklimakan has a “rating” system that can be used as a benchmark by mentors to always innovate. This rating will also be the main road for mentors to start monetization.

Basically before and after you are involved in the world of blockchain investment. As a user you are also still required to always study the development of this investment world. Because the blockchain investment world, is not a passive investment world. But it is an active investment world, which can change every minute and second which is influenced by different factors.

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