thanks for a great read, Sabrina.
Ingolf Hoven

Hey Ingolf, you're preaching to a converted here ;-) So converted that I am now offering this kind of services to orgs that are transitioning to self-organizing models, but not only. My scope is broader, the purpose being societal, not just organizational.

I don't know if people transformation to a higher consciousness level should be an integral part of HolAcracy. HolacracyOne remains quite clear and transparent about the fact that HolAcracy is not about addressing people's needs. And in a way, it's a healthy boundary. That prevents from the risk of unconscious "infringements" of fusing both contexts/spaces: tribe/personal with organizational/role. However, like you, I do believe that people development is a need for the Enterprise, the latter being defined as a whole and not strictly as an organizational structure (in reference to — hashtag Dennis Wittrock, Rashid Gilanpour, Thomas Thomison, Nathan Snyder) :*OmW5fWo0PJlWLVb1hfj70Q.png

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