My friends are talking about how problematic their relationship is with their boy/girl-friend then they complain how their SO is not replying their text and they are super mad because of that, or their SO is replying the text super late and they are super mad. I was like reflecting back to my previous relationship when i was in senior high school and yes i used to get mad because of that, but now? at this age, i do not think that is something really important. I was about to say this to my friend but i am afraid that they will get insulted so its better for me to just write it here.

As i grew up, i feel like there are a lot more things to be worried about more than a text from your SO. I feel like the relationship is not valued by how often you are texting with your SO everyday, or how often you met with your SO.

I was once having the conversation with someone that have a huge impact in my life. I thought that we’re doing good until i did a mistake. Here i really wanted to say thank you because of that person i became who i am today in terms of relationship-thinking-wise. Because of that person, i learn not to be childish, i learn more to be mature, but as you grew up again you will lose some people in your life. I hope that in the future i will be able to have a more serious relationship with someone that share same vision with me about relationship and support my ambition about my very own career for the next years ahead.

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