Next week, you’ll tell yourself you wish you’d started today

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I am a passionate procrastinator and I finally understand why. The thought of having things ‘to do’ seems to lower my fear of having nothing to do and becoming bored. The problem comes with layering days of procrastination upon days of procrastination, until you’re left with a pile so big it may crush you.

I’ve been known to procrastinate not only at work but with my lifestyle too. I’ve put off month end expenses until the following month’s expense report is looming around the corner (enter big expense pile). I’ve put off emailing/calling potential clients until I feel ‘ready’ or have the energy to deal with their comments (enter massive client pile). I’ve put off making the bed until just before I leave the house and then realize I’m running late (enter large unmade bed pile). I’ve put off eating less shit until the fridge no longer holds said shit (enter fat stomach pile). Heck, I’ve put off writing this article for a couple of weeks.

So what changed?

There’s no big revelation coming your way, I haven’t started taking over the world with my anti-procrastination marches downtown. What I’ve done is simple — I started.

I finished month end in record time and learned that when I put time aside to do it and focus on only it, I can get it done in a couple of hours. I feel less stressed, knowing I have 2 weeks until the next report is due. I have time and it’s not a cloud burning holes in my body driving me mad with anxiety and guilt.

I emailed a number of potential clients on my list and have had some decent feedback. Look, some have said ‘not now’ but that doesn’t mean ‘not ever’. Plus, I wouldn’t have known until making contact and now I have a good pipeline I could (read: should) continue to work on.

I made the bed this morning! Yaaaasssss!

I have drastically cut out meat, coffee, dairy, sugar and gluten from my diet. Two weeks in, I’ve dropped a dress size and lost 2.5kg. I remember what my dad always used to say and it keeps me from messing up food-wise: “proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

I am writing this article, now. What inspired me to begin was this article by Benjamin P. Hardy.

“Small things — if not corrected — become big things, always.”

I wonder what future Sabrina will say to present Sabrina next week from now when we still don’t have to start next month’s expense report, when we have a few more client proposals in the right hands, when our bed is fluffy and inviting and when our health is supercharged after yet another week of proper choices.

I think she’ll thank me :)

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