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While I am older in age, I am a young writer. A recent health scare has left me unable to “work”. I had a brain aneurysm and 2 subsequent strokes. Rocked my world! One stroke affected my vision and is much more complicated as it is brain related. One of my current struggles is reading!! I was a voracious reader and a pretty great story teller. Now I find myself with the time to finally write (I think it was the fear of failing that kept me quiet and it wasn’t really time at all) and new disabilities that are in the way.

This piece has inspired me and given me a smile and a nod towards hope. While penning is near impossible, typing is closer to possible. So it IS POSSIBLE!

Thanks for the inspiring smile and nod today.

Please excuse any typos, my vision loss is challenging, but my enthusiasm is greatly improved! !

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