Isn’t this the dumbest banner you’ve ever seen? This is the kind of illiterate con artist that would want to make a film, but not know how to write a film synopsis.

UPDATE 9/18/2018: Since I first broke this story, I confronted this person via email and I copied my lawyer and the PR company they used to spread their garbage novel. They never replied, but the PR company basically threw them under the bus and said they didn’t know who the author was and they agreed to remove the hashtag that used my name.
All I had to do to regain my own name and hashtag? Track down the PR company the con artist worked with, send said company email after email and copy all of their clients in my complaints until they nervously responded to me via email.
I could have taken further legal action, but I don’t think it was necessary to give my lawyer billable hours (I work for a living) just to watch this con artist eat even more shit.


I’ve written this section several times, but a few months have passed and I realize that the drama is too convoluted for the casual reader.

Let’s just break this down — someone hired me to write a screenplay and didn’t pay me. I didn’t supply the remainder of the work and suspiciously, a website appeared with a “writer” with my exact same name and a garbage self-published novel appeared on Amazon, their bio even had elements that were similar to my life.

I’ve told everyone I’ve worked with and everyone I deal with about this individual so I don’t believe they will be an issue again.

They’ve also left their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account dormant since I confronted them in August. Sadly, this happens all the time with creative work. You just keep trucking.

I gathered a lot of facts about this individual when I was preparing my throwdown with the PR company. I won’t bore you with the details, but to not let my research go to waste, I will paraphrase:

  1. They opened a Facebook account on my birthday and wrote a bio for the writer that was similar to my own background.
  2. They reported my Facebook as fraud, which got me shut down for a week. I was able to reactivate my account by providing my driver license. They couldn’t do the same when they were reported.
  3. When I publicly called out the PR company for repping a fraud that was trying to steal my identity, the person that never paid me for my work coincidentally called me within an hour. I didn’t reply, but rather, put in the email to the PR company that if this con artist ever contacted me again, I would report them to the police. I didn’t copy the person that hadn’t paid me for my script, I copied the fake Sabrina Monet- both entities have never responded since.
  4. The worst violation of all — using Goodreads to game the system and get hits on Google and exposure for their fake account. It pointed out the flaws of Goodreads, how a bunch of bored housewives, if offered an incentive, will write about a book they probably didn’t read and comment on it giving the book exposure. It didn’t last and their stats below show it.


Here is a link to my thesis from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas published in 2007. I post this for two reasons: 1) I’ve been using this name since I was born in the 80’s and I was first published with my name before Instagram was born, and 2) My dad put me through school so the completion of this thesis was really all him. The stage name, the last name and the reason why I have a thesis sitting at an accredited University is all because of him. I always mention this because if more people had fathers (though no one would ever have one as amazing as mine) than people would work harder to accomplish things, instead of lying about whom they are. I bring this up because there a lot of wannabes in this world, especially a lot of wannabes that want to be in the film industry. I may never sell a screenplay, but I have a thesis sitting at UNLV Library with my name on it.

It is a body of work that I spent two years researching and creating on my own. Put screenplays and essays to the side. This 95-page thesis paper had a literature review that included research done by the foremost television critics and theorists of faith-based and principle-driven characters on television. It had a three chapter analysis of the main characters of Ryan Murphy’s first television drama. It was read and approved by a committee of four professors that included the Graduate Chair of the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and the head of the department of film at UNLV.

That’s street cred, mofo. You can’t fake that with an Amazon account and a profile pic.

I end this with the following:

The REAL Sabrina Monet. Sporting her Mate Ma’a Tonga jacket that she’s had since 1994 because she’s been a fan from birth and her dad was the Captain of the 1969 team that first traveled to NZ to defeat the Maori All Blacks. All women are unique and cannot be replicated, but you especially can’t impersonate a Tongan woman. We are worth our weight in gold and for me especially, that’s a lot. So if you’re pretending to be Sabrina Monet, but you’re not a 6’ Tongan girl with a writing portfolio at the ready, SIT DOWN. This timeline isn’t for you. Bye, Felicia!

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