For that price, it better hell do just that!
I’m sorry but I can’t see spending a half a months salary on a juice machine that I have to go out…
Ken Sturmer

When I wrote the article, I was comparing juicero to cigarettes because I had just quit smoking. I got a kick out of fresh smoothies costing the same amount a month that went into smokes and a few nights out with friends.

Comparing an expensive juicer to bad habits made for a funny article. If you approach it from the point of view of “I’m a reasonable person without demons to feed with habits” than I can see the juicer raising question marks.

My article was also tongue-in-cheek to friends that stand on soapboxes about habits. I could end a few nights a week with a bottle of wine and a pack of Marlboro and no one would ever comment. When I mentioned replacing both with juice smoothies, they all had an opinion. My article was a reaction to that :)

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