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By many definitions, we are not African-American (Even though technically America encompasses the entirety of the land between the northernmost tip of Canada to the Southernmost tip of Chile). However, just like African-Americans, we are children of the African Diaspora. We are Black. While the history of our people may not fall entirely within the U.S. (though let’s not forget Malcom X was of Grenadian descent), the fight for freedom and justice against racism and colonialism remains.

A Short History of the African Diaspora in the Caribbean

What my saliva doesn’t say about me

My ancestry breakdown.

I have never identified as white. In my family, being called white is the ultimate insult. I’ve heard the phrases “you’re acting white” and “that’s some white people shit” many times, and the reason it’s difficult to hear is because it denies my Latinidad, it denies my Blackness, my Indigenousness, and it denies who I feel that I truly am. The idea behind it is that if you speak like a white person or do things that white people do, then you are shirking all of your other identities and turning your back on your culture. …

S. Natalie

Latino & Caribbean studies graduate, Social Justice Educator — I write to understand, and I share to learn.

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