Lets talk about UNI

Since begining my time at Ryerson I have began to realize a lot about myself. Some good some bad.

The Good

  • I am pretty good at finding my way around. I thought I had the worst sense of direction in the world but now that I am forced to rely on myself to find my way around I am able to do so, and quite well I might add
  • I am confident this is where I need to be. I love my classes, the atomosphere is amazing. I mean, where else can you get an education and lapdances for charity? Yes, that was an actual thing that happened to me and yes, it was hilariously awesome
  • I am starting to procrastinate less and thrive as an independent worker. It does help that I’m learning things I actually want to study. I’ll take a digital design class over Gr. 12 religion any day of the week
  • Hey, turns out I’m social! I thought my first year of university would cause me to revert back into my former Gr. 9 self, who by the way was not coolest person to be around. I am pround to say I didn’t, I sure as hell aint going back to the mess that was Gr. 9 Sabrina with her dorky sweater vest (*shivers*)

The Bad

  • I’m not special, and I mean this by saying that everyone in here is kinda like me. Back in high school people knew me. I had a reputation of being that funny, good looking girl who made videos and liked to write. Here, thats everyone. In fact, most people in my program have already published articles, interned on TV sets or are YouTube famous. Like, I’m pretty sure the only person that reads this blog is my mom.
  • I’m not making as many friends as I thought I would, and I know its still early but I feel like I am not opening up enough. I’m meeting people for sure but it feels weird coming from the tight nit friend group I had to being dropped in the middle of Toronto not knowing anyone. I forget what its like to get to know people and get close to them.
  • I’m broke. Like for real, I am ready to sell a kidney or some shit cause this city ain’t cheap. Maybe thats why it got nicknamed “the 6ix” because nobody here has more then 6$ in their bank accounts (ba dum tss)! So if anyone would like to send me money that would be greatly appreciated.

So this has been an interesting 3 weeks. I mean, I guess it is still early to judge, but it’s so weird. It’s like I’m in a dream, getting to come down to Toronto and spend all day learning about the things I love. I probably won’t find work afterwards, but who cares. That’s future Sabrina’s issue.

Anyways, this whole experience has been really humbling. It does show you that theres always 100 other people who share your dream who are better at what you do and hungrier then you are. This has really forced me to push myself, like how I mentioned before my writing could use some work. I am hoping that I can com back at the end of this year and read this article and be all “wow this is crap. I’m so much better now!” Cause it would be pretty disappointing if I stayed the same. I’m (AKA my parents) not paying money for me to stay the same.

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