Hong Kong! This name inspires prophecies of a chaotic, crowded city with soaring skyscrapers, thick smog, endless noodle stands, large financial districts, and WILD nights out (trust me when I say WILD). This fast pace environment, multiculturalism, and food is really making me consider not returning back to Toronto (sorry, mom… ). Like come on, I could sit bent over a bowl of noodles all day long — yum!

Before I get into my blog post, I’d like to clarify that I made it to my work placement in Hong Kong on June 9th, 2017, so around a month after many other fellows from the Cansbridge Fellowship. In HK, I am working for a technology start up specializing in IoT and applications of artificial intelligence, called Delyte. My role is software developer as well as consultancy for fortune 500 companies. This is why I will be making a blog post about my flight and ride home as I was not in Hong Kong for very long when I wrote this post. Let’s get started with my exciting journey!

Getting to my new home from Airport

My experience landing in Hong Kong was very interesting. As the airplane descended, I was hoping to catch sight of Hong Kong, however it was not until I hit the runway did I finally break through the foggy-haze. Due to the British colonization in HK, navigating around Hong Kong fairly easy for me because there were a lot of English signs and people who spoke some English. Despite the language comfort, I was still wary about finding my way around. I usually like knowing my surroundings, so living in a city for the first time is quite challenging for me.

I was told repeatedly by friends that frequently visit Hong Kong that the train system is incredibly easy. As a result, I temporarily considered getting on the MTR, the train, from the airport after landing at night. However, the thought of me wandering the dark streets of central Hong Kong with my wifi-less phone aka not functioning maps was frightening! I decided to take a taxi, even though I knew it’d be more expensive.

A random guy at the airport approached me and said “taxi?”. I kindly refused and walked on, I thought it’d be safe and a smart choice to go with a reputable taxi rank. After waiting, I hopped on an old, creepy looking taxi, driven by a small man wearing a bandana but it was a “red taxi” (so official taxi rank). I gave him my address and we were on our way.

As we took off, I was staring out the window looking at the dark and hazy view of Hong Kong. The taxi driver started FLYING… Literally WARP SPEED FLYING! We hit the long stretch of the highway at 160km/hr. He was taking over cars and going faster than a train along going the same direction as the freeway (saw my life flash by my eyes… YIKES)!

At one point, the taxi driver took out his wallet and started counting his money with his hands. You’re probably wondering, ‘how is that even possible?’ Yeah… he was steering with his elbow (I said a prayer at this point of the ride!). Despite the crazy speed, I made it to my new place in 45 minutes, where the GPS said an hour and 15 minutes…

Stay tune for my next blog! I will be speaking about what I am doing in Hong Kong (i.e. my work placement), whether I would consider living in Hong Kong, as well as why my start up lost their Shanghai project and so what is next for me!



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