How is this possible? How did I ever get here? I have made many mistakes in my life but it never made me go to jail. Greetings, I am Kyra Parks and I’m a “criminal”. Ugh ! I can’t believe it. He just threw me into all of his bullshit. I’m not responsible for what he has done. Oh, but wait, does the fucking court understand that? Do they even give a shit? That ugly hairless man over there, see him? Yeah, that’s “The Guy”. He decides wether people are guilty or not. Who is he? Like, the president or something? I’m so tired of always being punished for what my stupid boyfriend does. I have to do something. It starts with “break” and ends with “up”. He clearly find it fun to do this to me, so I’m gonna laugh my ass off when I’ll see his “you can’t just dump me” face. Yes Roy, I can “just dump you”. Two words and it’s all over. As simple as that. Because he didn’t even try to clarify the whole story so that I wouldn’t get into any trouble. All I know is that he fucking killed an inocent family. And all THEY know is that I (supposedly) killed them. But I never give up. Roy Singleton, you’re going down. Not in that way, that’s not what I meant, I … Oh, stop it, you dirty minded ! It’s 7:29 pm. Now, it’s 7:30… Waiting for the bitches to call. In two weeks, they’ll say it. Am I guilty, am I not? It’s in the palm of the (very repulsive) bald man’s hand. I guess I’ll take a quick nap before I go to bed. Yeah, sounds very lazy but hey, I’ve had a bad day. I need to rest before I get tired. Good night.

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