Grace Hopper Celebration, Bring Universities Into The Conversation
Mitra Raman

I can’t agree more Mitra : getting admitted to a program is one thing, getting the support and ressources to suceed is another thing.

First year of college I decide to enroll to the “Introduction to Programming” class because I had no clue what programming was, and I was curious. First test, I got 2%. And the professor laughed at me, my dad was furious at me, said I was not smart. Pascal, Fibonacci, my professor and my dad didn’t prevent me from pursuing C.S, I knew I could do it, but the damage was done. I doubted of my abilities, my intelligence for years.

Being the major of some of the toughest classes, getting amazing internships in Sillicon Valley, and spending hours and hours explaining some basic algorithmic to fellow boys, didn’t help boost my confidence. It just helped proving everyone else wrong.