Let’s talk self-esteem

8:05pm. On a very stiff hill, with your bike.. breathtaking landscapes all around you. San Francisco’s splendor to its fullest. The Sun is about to settle down while the Wind is waking up, blowing on the Presidio.

It is a unique moment that you truly never want to forget. So you try to grasp as much as you can using your five senses. Warm colors, herbal smells, whistling sound, handle bars friction on the hands, and light bloody taste in the mouth, reminding you that you are really struggling despite all this beauty.

Your thighs are about to give up. Pedaling is becoming really difficult, but you convince yourself that stopping is not an option. You gather all the hibernating energy hidden in your body, push a bit harder.. and you make it to the top!

🙍🏽🚲 🌅💨🔝

Despite the uniqueness of this moment, that conversation-to-self feels very familiar. How many times were you about to give up, out of exhaustion, pessimism or laziness (the worse burden of my life) and somehow were able to gain energy and surpass yourself?

Remember how you felt at Mile 7 of your half-marathon when your body was showing some serious sign of pain, and you still had 5 miles to go.
Or that night you had to finish that important keynote presentation, and you had two choices: go to bed and put together some mediocre slides, or create some quality work even if that meant staying awake until 3 a.m.

Each time you are able to make it to the top of that hill, or jazz yourself to run the extra miles, it is a beautiful present you are giving to yourself. A sign that you can achieve, finish and impress yourself.

And when you don’t, well don’t beat yourself. But, take note of it. Be mindful that you didn’t go all the way, and one day, impress yourself and do it til the end!

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