The killing of America

It’s been two days that I am trying to ignore you. But you are everywhere. The incarnation of Devil on Earth.

Tell me, are we going to wake up every morning for the next 4 years reading the most absurd headlines? Are we going to spend all our morning coffees talking about how much of a plague you are for humanity?

In just two days, you already destroyed so much! You gag hundreds of federal employees. You and six scumbags gather and sign a treaty affecting the womb of millions of woman. Withdraw from the TPP. Freeze research fundings.

What’s next?

Are you going to dismantle every positive baby-initiative that took birth in the past 20 years? Day after day, tweet after tweet, sun spray after sun spray, until you abort America greatness.

Updates — “what’s next”:

Jan 28th: Immigration ban preventing people from 7 Muslim countries to enter the United States, visa holder included..