Mind Trip

“A Mind Trip it’s a journey taken in the mind alone; a stimulating mental experience, especially one a drug hallucination.” _Definition of mind-trip by OXFORD living Dictionaries.

Mind trip it’s an unction journey; it’ll be crazy if we handle our trips and organize it, it can be called than “visualization”; and it can be one of the keys to achieve bigger purpose “for me at least” because those mind trips or experiences that are transformative in nature that allow us to change the cognitive framing of who we are and our space-time status quo, where we’ve been and where we are going; those experiences (visualizations) that re-contextualize US as MARVELOUS person; and in re-contextualizing our space-time, who we’re, where we’re coming from , where we’re going and what we’re doing and everything that happens to, even when it annoys, the fact of the matter is that experience ( mind trip) will render you stronger being it’s something that happened and lived it mentally and that I have overcome , in fact, I’ll rework the experience and output it in real work; I’m more than what I was because of what has happened to me during that journey (mind trip) to lend the cognitive framing to lend those interpretations to a traumatic experience of the past will leads me to change my future and pick my fate “I DESIGN therefore I WILL BE”

PS: If you don’t believe in spiritual dimension, don’t continue reading….

I always try to figure out, where’s the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, it’s obviously exist somewhere, because our spirit control our physical existence and also being a “spirit” at the same time; therefore, the connection DO EXIST… how’s structured? Can we handle it? I have no idea at this moment, but I’ll figure it out.

So, let’s say that mind tripping it’s the physic-spiritual connection in which our spirit high up our mind competences bottom line to cross the border of being realistic and think creatively with the observance of the status quo and the glory of being a human being who will be back from this mind journey to real world, in fact, it’s one of meta-cognitive hacks of the human operation system, which helps us to convert our unction thoughts into a past experiences driving us to a better future; it’s a crazy idea my friends we’re authorized, we’re MARVELOUS beings that move in space-time, future, past and present and mind, substantially, these are only variables elements and you are the only constant of a continuous scope of time; and keep in mind doing the unrealistic it’s easier than doing the realistic.

- A TRIPPIN’MAN once said,