Care is Mandatory
Oussama Ammar

“Be personal, Be sincere, Be authentic”, that’s a f-word great definition of what caring entrepreneurship stands for.

Apple create a special relationship every time you jump on their customer support, they can honestly make your day. Fitbit do not even ask you to send your bracelets back to them, they send you an new one. In the early days of Airbnb, founders Joe and Brian (Nathan was coding), received hundreds of phone calls on their personal numbers, even during the night due to time differences, and fixed every little issues their hosts were facing. They really cared about how the homes of their first customers where portrayed on their site and so offered professional photographs (at this time, they were doing it themselves - see how much they care). Zappos from day one decided to commit themselves to incredible customer care because the founder had an awful customer support experience with his previous company. You can actually see employees there (I mean, internally) caring about each other. Even BtoB startups, such as Mailchimp or Slack, are fully dedicated to their clients. As a startup, we have to over-deliver on customer care. It needs to be engrained in our DNA because, if we get the chance to become a large company, this will be how people perceive us.

Caring is a company culture, and as a company culture most of the time it reflects founders’ mantra, culture and/or philosophy. In my humble opinion, if you do not care about your friends, your family, your neighbors, not sure your company will care about their employees and customers.

Yes, care is mandatory ;)

PS: Nice illustrations by the way, Nelly Z.’s style.

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