The Evolution of Social Networking

Blog Two: Evolvement

Previously, as we established telegraph, radio and telephone were the earliest forms of communication ever invented during the 19th century. Which enabled people to sent and receive messages across vast distances, as long before that the only way to send any message was through a personal carrier.

The First Super Computers

The ENIAC System

The first pinnacle of super computing began in 1940's starting with the Complex Number Calculator (CNC), followed by the Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyser and Computer (ENIAC). These earliest forms of electronic computers were highly expensive and were not built for personal use. The estimated cost of ENIAC was around $500,000, as it weighed about 30 tons and nearly took 2,000 square feet of space. Further more; it had hundreds of cables, lights and mechanical switches located outside the system, by which using operators could control the computer. Once a task was given, electrical signals were transferred from machine to machine through thousands of vacuum tubes. However, once the computer starting running a team of engineers and specialist was required at all times to maintain it. The original purpose of ENIAC was to calculate and perform U.S military operations during world war II. The results were so astonishing that it was used almost exclusively after that, as missile-trajectory operation that would normally take a team of specialist to solve in half a day, ENIAC could solve it in nearly 30 seconds. This showed everyone that despite the all the expenses and space it required, machine development was something worth investing in.

More about ENIAC and its functions.

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