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Blog Three: Invention

Soon after when machinery usage was on a rise, computer manufactures were determined to create alternative devices that could compute electrical power without requiring an entire room of equipment in order for it to function. Later, one of the most important and significant inventions that made it easier for manufactures to work with when building a computer was microprocessor. A computer long before microprocessors required having a specific chip to use for each and every function, not to mention the space machinery would consume. Thus, microprocessors, which were unbelievably smaller in size, were able to run computer programs, store and manage data without having a need of an assistant unlike integrated circuit chips.

One of the first, if not the first person to develop the microprocessor on the market for public was an Intel engineer, Ted Hoff in 1971. These processors, named C4004 were so powerful that it could do tasks that ENIAC could do in the same amount of time, store its actions and manage the data all in a thumbnail sized chip.

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