We all have heard travelling opens up our minds. Its my turn to tell you that.
Rishabh Dua

Lovely story :)

I ’d like to share a couple of experiences from our Jaisalmer trip in January.

We took a drive from Jaisalmer to Tanot. It is around 130 KM drive. The desert terrain is amusing for sure, but what was more appealing was on this road you can travel miles and miles without seeing a single soul. A great journey if you like solitude. A lot of places in India do not get attention and hype proportionate to their awesomeness.

At our hotel in Jaisalmer, there was a lady from Taiwan who has been staying there for about 20 days. One evening she cooked a Japanese soup as a token of friendship she had developed with the hotel staffs (just a bunch of awesome dudes). We happened to be there; so she offered us as well :)

One of the staff put on a thinking face after taking a couple of sips from the bowl, then in a very contemplative tone, said, “you need to put some masala in it; only then it will become tasty”. All of them, including the lady, cracked laughing. Her newly found friends went on making silly comments about the soup. She was pretending to be angry at them, but definitely was enjoying their company.