Technologies and Programming Languages that I loved working with in 2015

  • Sails.js- Sails.js is an MVC framework for Node.js.Early this year I was experimenting with Node.js for rapid prototyping of idea.I tried out Express and Hapi.js .Coming from JAVA development background I was still looking for something more organized convention over configuration type of thing.Then I found Sails.js it’s organized scaffolding ,out of box support for ORM ,socket support ,its automatic blueprinting of REST API and easy configuration makes it a great choice.
  • Polymer - Polymer is a web component library introduced by google that makes building UI with material design easy and as easy as writing a simple tag in UI code. .
  • Apache Storm - A Real time computation engine . Easy to set up and use to analyze huge flow of real time data.Very recently I tried this out as part of Code Jam day at my workplace to rank twitter hashtag based on some topic.It’s easy API makes it more usable .
  • AWS CloudFormation Script - Cloudformation script is basically a JSON file where one can describe whole topology of AWS resources and use that to launch an environment.
  • Docker- Huge buzzword about containerization and Docker leads it,makes it easy to ship a full stack environment from development to production .Just ship and run
  • Google ChromeCast- Love the ease to setup and use and its easy to use API to integrate support for chromecast in Android APP.
  • Medium - I found this from my friend Shoubhik Bose’s post.It’s clean and minimalist design that caught my attention and decided to try it out.Best part is you can just write very nice editing space.

I may have missed some but these are some that that feel happy exploring.Hope to continue learning new technologies because coding is happiness :).