My House

Day 1:

Moving to a new place is hard. Especially if it’s a whole different continent. But as is the rule of the game, you man-up & try to make a fresh new start. I have come all the way from India, to chase the proverbial American dreams.

The time zone difference means I have very little window to talk with friends & family, and that is why I have started writing. Well, it’s better than talking to myself.

Moved into this old rickety house, in this small town. And I was welcomed by the worst winter storm in decades. Now I am stuck in this house. The house is beside a small pond, surrounded by what can be called a small forest. Because of the weather I have not seen a single soul.

Day 2:

I am engulfed in a white, seems white light all around. The whole world’s white. And I am alone in my new house. But I don’t feel alone!! The air feels stuffy, like it does after a storm. I can smell sand, in a carpeted house. However it’s only just me.

Day 3:

It’s still a whiteout. Never seen so much snow in my life. But it feels as if I have!! The thermostat is acting funny. The temperature keeps changing automatically. The made in china label is not encouraging!!

Day 4:

I don’t feel alone anymore. The storm is subsiding. I am feeling very sad, for no reason. Guess this is what means feeling homesick. There’s a crow by my window, even in this weather. Guess I have made my first contact.

Day 5:

The weather hasn’t improved yet. I don’t feel alone no-more!! But I feel a rage of anger. I am hating everyone and everything. I am hating myself.

Day 6:

I am alone again. Alone in MY HOUSE. The brown man is gone for good.