Announcing My New Chris Sacca Personal Internet Blog Site on the World Wide Web!

(Who would take me seriously as a TV VC if I didn’t include some pithy but aloof truism?)

The rumors of my retirement from investing have been greatly exaggerated. While I’m not doing new deals nor taking on any new limited partner money, I am still managing a portfolio of about 100 companies and my disastrous inbox reflects that. Those fires will need fightin’ for years to come, so I don’t expect to be bored anytime soon.

Yet, in parallel, Crystal and I have ramped up our work to save democracy, reform the criminal justice system, unfuck the climate, expand our general philanthropic impact, and continue our investments in improving opportunities for women and people of color in venture capital. We’ve already written some about the election mess, more to come on the rest soon.

While I spend the equivalent of a full-time job on this stuff, it’s not exactly Lowercase Capital material. So, I figured it was a good time to launch a new personal site.

Before we go further, we should probably pour a little out for the old Remember that place where I would mourn the theft of my CD collection like a relative had died, recount YCombinator’s first event, explain what Twittering (seriously, we called it that) meant to me in 2006, celebrate selling Stripe founders Patrick & John Collison’s first company when they were too young to drink, prepare for a trip to Ethiopia that would change my life, try to process seeing a man shot right in front of me, and journal the pain and catharsis of riding my bike across the USA? May those links forever stay perma. RIP.

On that note, check out the new, so it hasn’t yet been improved, I mean, who among you hasn’t said, “Damn, I could really use an updated 1,009 word bio for Chris right now.” Or, “What would be the easiest way to see some of Sacca’s goofiest media clips all in one place?” Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Has anyone ever cataloged the non-profits Chris obsessively Tweets about?”

Mostly this new site serves to demonstrate that I was smart enough to reserve my own domain name. (Whoops.) Will I keep posting here sometimes? Of course. But who doesn’t enjoy wrestling with the bells and whistles of more than one content management platform?

All right, thanks for reading all the way down here. It’ll be good for my Medium stats and maybe Ev Williams will give me a sticker or something.

Love you all,