My heritage is the human race

not some invisible dividing line on a map that was set up by wealthy people to control more resources, and thus more wealth. As I listen to people talking about the vote on health care today, especially President Trump in his desire to qualify anything as an accomplishment in his run for office. I believe the fundamental nature of civilization is being lost today. I find it interesting that our “representative government” is representing so few and hurting so many. I am sure of a few things that I have heard and it isn’t very pretty.

People really believe that ACA is a bad thing, I get it, but if they truly believe they are going to see their insurance costs go down then they are not paying any attention. The center of this debate in not really about health care, it is about money. I know I surprised no one here bur simple accounting principles and business knowledge will tell you that insurance companies have to make profits. The amount of the profits and how they are divided is the main issue, and this splits in two categories. Understanding that the difference between the “non-profit” and the “for-profit” corporations is not about the profit would be a good start. Profits are earned and are allowed to earn a profit, it is how the profits are divided up that is different. For- profit companies have shareholders that want a share of the profits as an incentive to invest. Non-profits use money donated or raised in ways that do not allow an “investor” to attach itself to the profits of the company. Non profits are not the same as not for profits, but that's for another time and maybe people smarter than me. Just know that these “charities” are about 7.5% of our countries GDP and they have a lot of reach in our countries rules. So back to the center, lets see what needs to be done in the real world.

Supporting a lot of people is one of the costs of doing business. So these insurance companies need to cover all of the costs of many for profit companies without their income being guaranteed even a little. I am not trying to explain non profit here so I will move on. What is the bottom line? Again it is about accounting…Assets = Liabilities + Shareholder Equity. The only difference would be to change shareholders to stakeholders, but at the end of the day the left side needs to be higher than the right. In health care its the same. At some point the claims must be less than the premiums. Typical for our country these days we get the war between more income versus less benefit. They say 24 million people will lose coverage, and I have no idea what that will be in the end. I have been bounced of my insurance several times in the last 5 years and it is not fun. I go to the pharmacy and they say my insulin will be $400 some dollars, heart meds $200 and so on. Your insurance says you are not covered any more. I did not even know I was uninsured until I tried to use what I thought I had. I have too many thoughts on this and am making a mess of it while writing off the cuff so I am going to stop. All I do know is I will never vote for any incumbent ever again. I will take my chance on the rookie that is not tied to the income streams of the donors and hope they can luck into a thoughtful human loving choice before they lose perspective. Thank God my time here alive is nearing an end because I am ashamed of my heritage at this point.

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