Earn More FSN Rewards by Staking with Node Networks Fusion Pool! — Compound Strategy

Why Stake with Node Networks?

Staking with Node Networks Fusion Pool makes staking easy and hassle free! Anyone who doesn’t want to run their own node, has less than the minimum requirement of 5000 FSN or wants to take advantage of Node Networks Compound Strategy are welcomed to join the pool!

Don’t want to run your own node? No problem.

Running your own node takes some technical knowledge and time to ensure everything is running smoothly. At Node Networks, we take care of we take care of all technical aspects for running a Fusion node. This means, we run our Node Networks Fusion Pool Node from our own servers. We constantly update the node to the latest versions, take care of all the ticket buying and we ensure that our node best in-class uptime so that we are always earning rewards!

Node Networks Compounding Strategy. Earn More rewards by staking with Node Networks!

Individuals who stake with Node Networks will earn substantially more rewards than an individual staker running their own node due to Node Networks compound strategy! It’s because of this issue we decided to build a community-based pool so we all can WIN-WIN!

If you choose to run your own node stake 1 ticket (5000 FSN) and the ROI is 33%, you will have to wait 3 years with simple compounding before you can stake your rewards (Year 1: 1,666 FSN + Year 2: 1,666 FSN, Year 3: 1,666 FSN = 5000 FSN)! Here lies the problem that your rewards aren’t being re-staked to earn more rewards!

At Node Networks we pool all of our staked tokens together. This means every reward you earn is automatically compounded for the duration you stake with us. Every time our pool earns a new ticket, you own a percentage of it. Every time someone new joins and adds new tickets to the pool, you own a percentage of that ticket. As a result, our community will earn considerably more rewards than individual smaller stakers.

WIN-WIN — Our Fusion staking pool COMPOUNDS your rewards to MAXIMIZE everybody’s returns! If a pool doesn’t COMPOUND your return your return will be significantly less! Often pools will give you your own node however, you will be stuck with the same problem that your rewards aren’t being restaked to generate more rewards. Compounding matters!

NODE NETWORKS is a Fusion community driven staking pool designed on a WIN-WIN model to maximize our returns🤝! The bigger the pool, the more rewards we earn and share as a community! Spread the word!

Happy staking everyone! 🚀Node Networks Team

Interested in Staking your FSN? Contact Us!

Telegram: https://t.me/nodenetworks

EMail: info@nodenetworks.org

Website: www.nodenetworks.org



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