How to Extend a Staking Time-Lock with Node Networks FSN Pool (Guide)

Node Networks
Dec 15, 2019 · 3 min read

Step 1: Contact a Node Networks Admin on Telegram (@JB_SE, @Tayerr, @A1txchange) Notify us that you would like to extend your staking time-lock.

Step 2: Open your MFW ( This should be the wallet where you sent your existing FSN time-lock to the Node Networks FSN pool.

Step 3: Under Time-Locked Assets, locate your time-locked FSN that was sent to Node Networks.

Step 4: Select Send.

Step 5: On the Send Time-Lock dialogue window, enter the To Address.

**IMPORTANT** — The Node Networks team will send you a To Address in a private message. Please Contact an admin on Telegram: @JB_SE, @Tayerr, @A1txchange.

Step 6: Enter how many FSN you will extend for staking.

Step 7: Click Date to Date.

Step 8: Under From, select the earliest time-lock start date. This date should be the same day that your existing time-lock ends.

Step 9: Under Until, click the drop down calendar and select a date you wish your new (extended) time-lock to end.

Note: For the duration you wish to stake, the time-lock must be one month longer. For example, if you would like to stake for 12 months, set the time-lock for 13 months.

Step 10: Once all correct information has been entered, click Next.

Step 11: You will be presented with another dialogue Review Your Transaction Details to verify the details before time-locking your asset. If everything is correct, select Send Asset.

Step 12: You will be presented with another dialogue confirming the successful transfer of the asset. You may hit Close.

The process is complete! Contact the Node Networks team if you have any further questions!

Happy staking everyone! 🚀🚀🚀 — Node Networks Team 😊

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