Node Networks ADA Pool — TestNet Promo 0% Fee!

Hello Node Networks Community! 😊

We are excited to announce we have launched a TestNet Promo 0% fee node for the Cardano TestNet. Please feel free to delegate through the Daedulus or Yoroi wallets today!

Node Details:

Name: 0% Fee — Node Networks Community Pool

Ticker: 0NN

Node Address: addr1s4ug42jhf63gelds6aa9kue55f64cm9edgwz0mfex88v6ghwv2gj5lxqrln

Please contact the Node Networks team if you have any further questions!

Happy staking everyone! 🚀🚀🚀 — Node Networks Team 😊

Contact Us:

Node Networks FSN Pool:

Node Networks ADA Pool:




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