Node Networks FSN Pool Staking Details, Fee Structure and Reward Payouts — Post Fork Promotion!

About Us:

Node Networks is the longest serving Fusion(FSN) community-driven staking pool service. We utilize Fusion’s Time-Lock feature, which allows for individuals to securely stake their FSN tokens with the Node Networks pool. In addition, we maximize our individual staker rewards through our compounding strategy. Join our global pool where you Time-Lock, Stake and Earn Fusion Rewards Today!

Please join our Telegram Community Chat:

Fee Structure:

Our new pricing structure is as follows:

100–10,000 FSN tokens — 7.88%

10,000–25,000 FSN tokens — 7.38%

25,000+ FSN tokens — Contact the Node Networks team!

Please contact an Node Networks admin on Telegram (@tayerr, @JB_SE, @A1txchange) or at to discuss further pricing options.

How do fees work?

If your staked FSN tokens earn 200 FSN rewards in the Node Networks Pool and the Node Networks fee is 7.88%, you will receive an estimated 6.25 FSN after one month. NodeNetworks fee of 0.4925 FSN would be deducted.

What is the minimum amount of FSN that can be staked with the Node Networks Pool?

Anyone with over 100 FSN may stake with the Node Networks Pool!

Staking Term:

Node Networks recommends a 12 month staking period (13 month time-lock**). Stakers can similarly stake for a 6 month period (7 month time-lock**). This will minimize the requirement for the Staker to monitor their accounts or need extend time-locks. The NodeNetworks team will work towards maximizing the compounded returns for all stakers.

For Stakers holding limited time-lock tokens for example, receiving tokens for a 3 month period as a reward from Fusion Foundation, you’re welcome to stake with us!. Please note that if you receive a 3 month time time-lock your staking period will be 2 months**

** Note: In Fusion’s ticketing system, a ticket is valid for 30 days. In order to stake tokens they must have a minimum of 30 days or more remaining on their time-lock to the pool. Tokens with less than 30 days remaining on the time-lock cannot be used by Fusion’s ticketing system.

Staking Reward Payments:

Node Networks Stakers will be given periodic options at the end of every staking month. Please review (here) for more details.

What happens with rewards once staking time-lock period ends?

Prior to the end of the time-lock the staker can extend the time-lock to stake further rewards. Alternatively, once the staking time-lock period ends, the staked FSN is automatically returned to the staker. Any rewards previously unsent will immediately be sent back to the time-lock staking address. The staker can do as they please with their tokens including re-staking!

Tracking Rewards:

  1. Check out your reward status LIVE — 24X7 at: We are constantly updating the functionality so check back for updates!

How do I get started with staking with Node Networks?

Don’t waste a moment! Contact our team directly on Telegram:

(For those with restricted access to Telegram/中国客人可以用我们电子邮件

And ONE more thing! — REFERRALS!!!

We are serious about our “WIN-WIN” philosophy so we offer a 10% referral fee* to our community members that are staking with us! For each referral earn a 10% portion of the Node Networks fee.

What do I need to do next to earn referrals?

Simple. First, stake with FSN staking pool. Next, contact the team directly through our Telegram group with your referral details. Once they have started staking more than 200 tokens, you will start earning referral rewards! It’s that simple!

Happy staking everyone! 🚀🚀🚀Node Networks Team 😊

Interested in Staking your FSN? Contact Us!







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