Node Networks ‘NEW’ Optional One Month Rewards Payout

Node Networks
Aug 22, 2019 · 3 min read

Hello Node Networks Community! 😊

As part of Node Networks focus to continually improve the Node Network’s community experience, security and maximize rewards, we have updated the optional payment period from quarterly to monthly! Optional monthly rewards will give stakers additional control, increase transparency, and enable increased security while maximizing the compounding of rewards.

Node Network’s aim is to become the most trusted and best option for Fusionites to stake their FSN tokens!

Staking Reward Payments:

Node Networks is now offering a “NEW” optional monthly reward payouts to all Node Networks stakers! Stakers will be given a 5 day grace period (currently slated for the last five days in the month) to notify an admin (telegram: @tayerr, @jb_se or @A1txchange) to receive their monthly rewards. If a staker does not notify an admin, then rewards are time-locked in the pool until the end of the staker’s longest time-lock period..

Options for Node Networks Stakers during Grace Period:

Node Networks Stakers will be given periodic options at the end of every month. These are as follows:

1.Default: Do nothing. Your rewards will continue to compound until the end of your longest time-lock contribution period.

- Node Network team will continually stake rewards to maximize returns during the staking period.

2. Notify* a Node Networks admin. Receive monthly staking rewards.

- Re-stake rewards in a new staking time-lock with Node Networks. This provides the staker with security over rewards and allows for compounding. Minimum staking period of 6 months required.

(Note: delays in re-staking can impact returns)

3. Notify* a Node Networks admin. Receive monthly staking rewards.

- Do as you please with rewards.

* Please notify the account team prior to the end of the grace period (24:00 UST).

**IMPORTANT: If the staker decides not to receive OR fails to contact an Admin during the 5 day grace period, their rewards will automatically be compounded into their staking total until the end of their longest time-lock period. The 5 day grace period will be the last 5 days of every month.


Staker A stakes 5000 tokens from July 1, 2019 until July 31, 2020. At the end of August 2019 the rewards total (assume 350) for the July and August period.

1. By default, to securely maximize compounding returns the rewards will be time-locked until the end of the staker’s longest time-lock period — In this case July 31, 2020.

2. After notifying an admin, the 350 rewards are sent to the staker’s originating address and the staker sends back a new time lock to re-stake for a minimum of 6 months. Please note delays in re-staking can impact returns.

3. After notifying an admin, the 350 rewards are sent to the staker’s originating address and the staker can do as they please.

Can I receive multiple monthly rewards at once?

No. For compounding and security purposes all rewards that are not withdrawn in prior months are time-locked and compounded until the end of the stakers time-lock period.

Since monthly payouts are a new option, will I be able to receive July and August 2019 rewards combined for my first payout?

Yes, rewards for the first 2 months of staking will be available for payout.

Rewards Schedule:

The rewards schedule for 2019 is as follows:

Important: *Rewards sent will only be distributed to the original time-lock address of the staker.

Happy Staking 🚀 🚀 🚀 — Node Networks Team

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