How to Diagnose Renault Fuel Pump is not working well

A fuel pump concerns if the car work well, The electric fuel pump is the heart of every electronic fuel injection system, but many car drivers are worried about how to diagnose the auto fuel pump if it works well for the Renault car. They are confused by this question: Is your fuel filter blocked, or has your fuel pump gone bad? Especially while riding in countries with low-quality fuel, many motorcycle travelers will at some point be parked along the side of the road trying to figure out what is wrong. Are your filters blocked with sediment, or has the Diesel fuel pump itself actually gone bad? Here Sacer helps you through a process of elimination to get you back up and riding as soon as possible.

Fuel Pump Diagnosis

If your fuel pump stops working (no noise, no line pressure), the first thing that should be checked is the pump’s voltage supply and electrical connections. An open relay, blown fuse or loose wire may be all that’s preventing the pump from working. Low battery voltage can also reduce the pump’s ability to generate pressure by reducing the speed of the pump motor.

Measuring static output pressure and fuel delivery are the two standard diagnostic tests that can be used to determine a pump’s ability to deliver fuel.

Static pressure is measured with a gauge attached to the fuel rail or teed into the fuel supply line with the engine off and pump energized. Fuel flow is measured by disconnecting the fuel supply line, energizing the pump for a specified number of seconds (engine off) and measuring the volume of fuel delivered into a container.

If static pressure or the volume of fuel delivered is less than your car manufacturer’s specifications, your fuel pump needs to be replaced. Replacement would also be required if the pump’s check valve has failed (inability to hold residual pressure in the system after the ignition is turned off).

How to solve the problem of fuel pump for Renault

You need to replace the fuel pump when you have diagnosed the problem. Then Sacer can provide you a high quality 12V Electric Fuel Pump for Renault with favorable price. Following are the features:

NameRenault fuel pumpModelRenaultMinimum Current5AVoltage12VOperation Pressure3–4barMinimum Flow130L/HIntented UseReplacement PartDiameter51.8mmLength185mmNumberSA4001Oil inlet12mmOutlet8mmColorBlue

Sacer is your best choice

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