What Does a Blower Motor Resistor Do?


“Blower motor” refers to an electrically operated fan in a vehicle that supplies air to the passenger compartment. The heater blower resistor helps control the rate at which the blower motor supplies this air. A blower motor resistor, typically located beneath the passenger side dashboard, contains three resistors, or sets of terminals designed to generate voltage in proportion to electrical current. These resistors allow the blower motor to function at lower speeds.


Blower motor resistors contain controls that determine air settings. If the airflow exceeds a predetermined amount, the blower motor resistor reduces airflow through the vents via wire coils. Each coil is responsible for one speed setting: Thinner coils correspond to higher air settings and offer the least resistance (the least opposition to the flow of electric current), allowing the blower fan to rotate faster, while thicker coils correspond to lower air settings and force the fan to rotate more slowly.


If the blower motor resistor fails, the blower motor only functions at its highest speed and cannot decelerate. When not replaced, blower will either not function or will not run at all speeds. Replacing the blower motor resistor typically corrects this problem.

SA1473 blower motor resistor, it’s a highly recommended replacement part for your vehicle’s original factory component. It restores blower speed control caused by a failed resistor. It’s designed to exceed OE specifications not only in fit, form and function, but also for fast, easy installation, with superior performance and reliability. It’s compatible for most models of Citroen / Peugeot / Renault / Nissan. It is the perfect blower resister replacement for your vehicle. All SACER car parts are manufactured to stringent quality requirements. Our workshop is ISO9001 certified which assures that every part is the right part for the right vehicle.

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