My Top11 essential tools I could not live without.
Tobias van Schneider

My essential Apps

  1. 1Password — for sure is number one, stores all my passwords for logins (so no need to remember all use same everywhere) and other secure data
  2. Ulysses — its where I do keep and edit my texts, all in one place easy to manage
  3. Due — easy to use reminder
  4. Fantastical — is my calendar of choice
  5. iTranslate — nice little app in menu bar for quick translation, not only words but full sentence to
  6. Dropzone — helps me out to manage downloaded files
  7. Monosnap — very nice screen capturing tool with unlimited space to upload files (so no need for separate app), can capture screencast to
  8. Bartender — help me make menu bar cleaner
  9. Work At Night — take care of my eyes at night
  10. Unclutter — for really quick notes and clippboard managing
  11. iStat Menus — to be aware what going on in my system

Its no free apps except Monosnap but is really helpful for me in my every day work

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