Wild Women

About a month ago I made a change. I decided to stop doing things I didn’t believe would benefit my soul. Every night after dinner I no longer watch TV or spend hours on social media and I instead do one of the six things I know to be good for my soul.

I either exercise, read, learn, meditate, spend time with loved ones or create. The nourishment for each soul is different but the outcome should all be the same. If your mind is calmer after doing something your soul is being fed.

I’m not saying you can’t sit down and watch trashy TV some nights or that you can’t Facebook stalk the girl you went to high school with that moved to the Gold Coast and got a boob job. What I am saying is that you need to start doing these things with purpose and asking yourself how they feed your soul. If your soul needs escapism then sit down and watch an episode of The Bachelor by all means or if you genuinely wonder where someone from you past is now then stalk away. The problem is when people start doing these mindless tasks night after night with no purpose because they’re bored. If you do this, I assure you, your soul is starving.

How do I know?

I know because I see it in people all the time. The girl who goes for one run and won’t stop talking about it for a week. The girl who watches a Ted Talk and won’t stop referencing it for a month. The girl who reads a mediocre book and insists on telling you chapter by chapter how great it is. This is the soul preparing for the drought ahead and clinging to it’s only nutrients which need to sustain it for anywhere from a week to a year.

Over the last month I have grown a deeper understanding of the soul or inner psyche of my subconscious mind. My subconscious mind is a person in her own right. She’s tough and she’s sassy and she’s calm when shit goes wrong. You may think you’ve never met your soul but when let me introduce you to her like this…

Have you ever felt completely fine about a situation and 10 minutes later you’re crying in the bathroom? Or felt slightly angry about a situation but when you open your mouth the 10 minute rant you yell surprises you more than the poor fool in front of you? This is that sassy girl you’ve starved and ignored and she wants a say. She’s smart, has good intuition and can have very different opinions to your conscious mind so she’s the reason you’ll often find your actions contradicting your conscious decisions.

If she’s malnourished for too long she’ll eventually starve to death and you’ll be left as a woman who says yes when you mean no and who smiles when she should be ripping someone the middle finger. So before that rebellious girl in your psyche packs up shop please start feeding her.