Religious Fundamentalism — Mental Illness?

Fundamentalism rooted in religion really should be treated as a mental illness. Those who absolutely refuse to ponder empirical fact, are incapable of handling reality. It’s fine to hold onto a ‘fundamental foundation’ that guides a moral practice, if it does not contradict itself, or limit the initial quest for truth! A healthy mind will be able to negotiate with itself, realign, tweak, and mold an ethos according to the ever-changing reality that they know and understand.

Ever meet someone who was able to completely distort reality in order to cope? Ever meet someone so oblivious to a certain context you couldn’t help wonder if they were okay when it comes to mental processing? Ever meet those people who refuse to know the truth, stick their fingers in their ears and sing over you? They’re not handling life in a healthy way, they’re using their faculties to alter reality to the extreme. While it might be impressive, it’s kind of a mental sickness.

Relative perspectives do have a line!

Be religious, but do not make the conscious choice to limit your capacity to understand the world around you.