Preparing for the next evolution in the framework’s life

This version of Vulcan brings a big improvement in how schemas are defined.

The Problem

Say hello to Sidebar 4.0!

A Look Back

Version 1: The Actual Sidebar

There’s nothing more frustrating than a failed deployment, but the reason is often simpler than you think

Deployment Methods

Meteor Up

  • Usually cheaper than Galaxy, if you use Digital Ocean or AWS.
  • More configuration…

Field-Specific Data Loading

Tiny just acquired Meteor. Here’s what they should know.

Catching up with the ecosystem

What’s New

  • Apollo Client 2.x
  • Apollo Server 2.x
  • React Router 4.x

How to Update Vulcan

  • Normal install: meteor update
  • 2-repo install: git pull from the Vulcan.js repo (master or devel branches).

Updating Your Packages

Package Update Script

  • meteor npm run update-package-json

After the State of JavaScript, help us identify the latest CSS trends

We gave the community access to our data. Here’s the result

  1. Effort: how much time and care you put into your visualization.
  2. Usefulness: how insightful or useful your work is.
  3. Originality: for works that show out-of-the-box thinking or are just plain fun!

Sacha Greif

Designer/developer from Paris, now living in Osaka. Creator of Sidebar, VulcanJS, and co-author of Discover Meteor.

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