Announcing the #StateOfJS 2017 Launch Livestream

Join us on December 12 for a look at the survey results, Q&A sessions, and more with special guests!

It’s taken us a long time but we’re finally (almost) ready to share the results of this year’s State of JavaScript survey.

We were hoping to get the results out much earlier, but life got in the way (in the form of traveling, starting a new job, moving to a new city…). To make it up to you, we’re kicking things off with a bang: a livestreamed hangout where we’ll gather a bunch of top-flight JavaScript experts to ask them what they think about the current state of the language.

You can already sign up here

Note: while registration is required if you want to participate in the chat or ask questions, we’ll also try to set up a no-registration YouTube stream if you’d rather just watch. Also, thanks to CrowdCast for helping us host the event!

The Guests

Don’t worry, you won’t have to listen to me ramble on about JavaScript for two hours. Instead, I’ve assembled an all-stars cast of guests to join the stream. We’ve got some of the best JavaScript developers from around the world (who were willing to answer my emails), such as:

Martin Heidegger

Martin is a good friend who also happens to live in Japan like myself. He knows a ton about Node and JavaScript in general and always bring a ton of energy to any situation so he’s the perfect person to kick things off!

Jennifer Wong

Jennifer was our build tools expert in 2016. She’s spoken at conferences all over the world, including JSConf and NDC.

Michael Shilman

Michael is not only our testing expert from last year, but also one of the lead maintainers for Storybook, the component testing library.

Marcy Sutton

Marcy is a front-end and accessibility specialist with lots of experience with React and Angular. She’s spoken at events like DotJS, JSConf, and more.

Kassandra Perch

Kassandra is a Node dev with an interest in IoT and Serverless, and the author of Learning JavaScript Robotics.

Kyle Mathews

Kyle is the creator of Gatsby, the React static site generator used by the official React homepage (oh, and the State of JS site itself, too!).

We’ll be announcing more guests soon, so stay tuned!

The Program

So what can you expect? We’ll of course discuss the survey results. We collected a ton of data from over 20k developers, and believe me there’s a lot to look at!

We’ll also take questions during the entire event. Wondering which front-end library to pick? What’s the difference between Express and Koa? Whether GraphQL really is going to take over the world? Don’t worry, you’ll have a panel of experts ready to answer your most pressing JavaScript questions!

And finally, since I’ll have access to a bunch of awesome JavaScript people it will also be interesting to just hear what they’ve been working on lately.

While You Wait

Here’s a few things you can do while we’re getting everything ready for the big day:

I’m very excited to get to share this year’s survey results with all of you, to say nothing of having the chance to hang out with such a dream-team of JS devs.

So tune in very soon for the #StateOfJS 2017!